Half Marathon Training – Week 7: Mar 1 – 7, 2020

Monday’s 2.00 mile hike/run went much better than I had expected. On our 0.12 mile cool down walk, my sister-in-law reminded me of other times in our past training we have stopped a mile early because our bodies were not feeling as good as they should have. There is a balance between pushing yourself to get stronger and stopping before you get hurt.

Tuesday did the GU and hit the running path for my last week of pushing hard, because next week is an easy run week to make sure that I am fresh for the half marathon. Had a GU at mile 3 and this run felt good and didn’t have more trouble than normal on the hills! Finished 6 miles with a 10:18 pace, 1:01:50 overall and was smiling for my 0.39 cool down walk because after the tough last long run, I was on my goal pace for this semi-long run!! I may be back in the groove 🙂

Thursday morning I went for a 3.01 mile run and ended with a 9:47 pace, 29:26 overall. Can’t believe how great of a pace I managed to keep and feel so good!! Later that afternoon I met my sister-in-law and we ran a 1.00 mile at a 11:53 pace and had a nice walk for 0.92 miles. Looking forward to my long run Saturday!

Friday morning I woke up feeling a little sore so I decided that I needed to take a short walk. After 0.85 miles my legs felt soooo much better! Now I feel ready for my long run tomorrow!

Saturday morning I did the GU and hit the path. At 3.5 miles I did the GU and the hills weren’t too bad! I took did my last GU at mile 7 and finished the 10.01 mile run with a 10:26 pace, 1:44:24 overall. Stayed in my goal pace for my last long run so I felt pretty good about that as I finished up with a 0.24 cool down walk. Next week will be a nice easy run week 🙂 I feel ready to kill it!!

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