Pima Air & Space Museum

After me and my buddy were done hiking at Picacho Peak State Park and decided we would love to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. We came up to the exit we believed was the museum only to find out that shockingly, we were mistaken! The museum was on the other side of Tucson! Luckily, we are used to this outcome because we usually wing it on our photography taking adventures and quite regularly go astray 🙂

What a HUGE place! The concept for the museum began in 1966 and opened in the 80-acre location in 1978 and currently have approximately 400 historic aircraft on-site. There are 6 hangars (3 are dedicated to WWII) full of aircraft and the balance of them are outside on the lot. They do have a restaurant on-site (we didn’t eat there because we saw a Texas Roadhouse on the drive there and you we just can’t substitute for that!). The museum has a nice variety of memorabilia and I was excited to find Navy Seabee patches and pins! It is rare to find and is going to be a great surprise for my boyfriend.

When we walked into the first hangar I was overwhelmed with how many aircrafts were inside. They have quite a few hanging from the ceiling and everyone of them have a sign telling you what type of aircraft is on display, some have signs with the history of that aircraft (or that type of aircraft), and the balance have the QR’s that you can scan and the history open up on your phone!!

When we walked outside it was unbelievable how expansive the property truly is! We spent 2 hours walking around outside and we would have spent more time if we it wasn’t getting so late and we weren’t so far from home. They have all of the aircraft grouped together. The groups are: Helicopters, Early US & Foreign Fighters, US Navy Fighters, Trainers, Bombers, Electronic Aircraft, Tankers, NASA Aircraft, Transport & Utility Aircraft, Presidential & VIP Aircraft, Commercial & Civil Aircraft, US Air Force Fighters & Others, Fire Fighters, and Miscellaneous. they also have a restoration hangar and space gallery hangar.

I would have loved to have a tour, but unfortunately they are suspended until further notice. We paid $16.50 each for our one-day admission and it was worth every penny! So much to see!

Here are a few pictures of some of the aircraft that we saw. They were all so impressive.

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