Half Marathon Training – Week 6: Feb 23 – 29, 2020

Monday my sister-in-law and I went for our hike/run and with the extra day off after my long run, I felt as good as I did last Monday! Ended with a 1.96 mile hike/run and 0.13 cool down walk.

Tuesday’s semi-long run is 7 miles to prep for my 12 miler this Saturday. Felt good when I did my GU gel and hit the running path. The hills were a little tougher going up, but didn’t feel any worse at the top! Ended the 7 mile run at a 10:17 pace, 1:12:00 overall. Though about how good I felt during my 0.28 mile cool down walk!

Thursday I decided to take advantage of the nice morning weather to get part of my short run in! Ran 4.01 mile with a 10:04 pace, 40:23 overall! Spent my 0.20 mile walk to reflect on how far I exceeded my goal pace for short runs (10:15-10:25). Wow what a feeling! Met my sister-in-law and we got a 1.01 mile run in at a 11:25 pace and a 0.93 cool down walk. Ready to run 12 miles on Saturday!

Saturday after my GU, I hit the running path. I did a GU at 3.5 miles and the hills were still getting tough, I did a GU at mile 7 and was still having a tough time keeping my goal pace. I usually don’t GU in the last few miles because knowing I am that close to the end is enough to get my through, but I am really struggling today so I went ahead and did a GU at mile 10. When I got to mile 11, my legs and lungs were done. I listened to my body and stopped at mile 11 with a 10:35 pace, 1:45:51 overall. Did a 0.39 mile cool down walk and I still am not feeling fresh. I am happy that even struggling I was at the top end of my goal pace! Next week is a new week and I sure hope to feel better!!

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