Bellair Golf Course Review

We have been going to this executive course many times over the years and always enjoyed playing here, attending events, and meeting friends for lunch. The course was purchased in December 2019.

We decided to go play 18 holes on June 14, 2020. CA is the girl that checked us in and she was very personable and helpful. The pro shop was remodeled and looked nice, however there are no clothes in the shop. We inquired about Ironworks grill, as it didn’t appear to be open and we were informed that it was closed for remodeling and there was no cart girl on the course. That was very disappointing because we did look at the website to determine what the changes, if any were and it did not mention the closure of the restaurant/bar and lack of a cart girl. Good thing it was a cooler morning and I had a protein bar in my purse to hold me over until we were finished.

There are 2 restrooms on the course at holes 6 & 14 and they have also been remodeled and looked good.

The course itself was in disrepair. There were lots of areas over the 18 holes that were brown and appear not to have been watered. The green areas don’t appear to have been mowed recently and it was very difficult at times to find the balls (even in the areas where we never hard that trouble before). Some of the tee boxes had dirt/sand and little grass. A few of them I had to move my tee around to find a soft enough spot to get my tee into the ground. Lots of the sand traps had quite a bit of grass and weeds.

I am really hoping the new owners will work on getting this course back up-to-speed so that we can keep this one on our lists of courses that we enjoy going to play.