Half Marathon Training – Week 3: Feb 2 – 8, 2020

Woke up Sunday morning and felt great but decided I needed a relaxing walk. Hit the pavement for 2.05 miles then spent the rest of the day doing chores.

Monday my sister-in-law hiked up the mountain and jogged down which ended up being 1.93 miles followed by a 0.13 cool down walk. My legs are still feeling good which is a plus because I am going to miss my semi-long run tomorrow due to a doctors appointment with my hormone doctor. I can’t reschedule because I make them 6 months out and one of the medications she prescribes is a special make-up based on my bloodwork that is made at a compound pharmacy, so she can’t just call in a refill.

Thursday morning I hit the pavement for a 2.01 mile run at a 10:16 pace, 20:42 overall and a 0.14 cool down walk. That afternoon I met up with my sister-in-law and we went for a 1.01 mile run at a 12:11 pace followed by a 1.16 mile cool down walk. I hope that’s enough running to have me ready for the long run on Saturday but still not too much to have my legs tired.

Friday I had to go to Roadrunner Sports to pick up my GU gels. They are my favorite energy gel to use when I do my long runs. I use one about 10 minutes before I start and one about every 3.5 miles after that!

Woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty fresh. My goal pace is to stay at a 10:25 – 10:35 including the hills. Went to the running path and had a really great 8.02 mile run at 10:30 pace, 1:24:09 overall and a 0.25 cool down walk. I am so happy to feel this good!

Went home and me and my guy met a friend of ours to get our golfing on! What a perfect day!!

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